Muxcast Salisbury

How To Tune In


The multiplex has not yet launched – once we do – here’s how you will be able to find us.

To tune into the radio stations offered by Muxcast you will need to be physically located within our coverage area and close enough to one of our transmitters to receive our services.

You will also need a DAB radio capable of receiving DAB+ services.

Common Issues


Some DAB radios will simply find our multiplex automatically but you may need to re-scan or access this feature through a menu option, sometimes a long press on the scan button will initiate a full scan function.

Station names not showing

Although most DAB radios show station names listed alphabetically, some DAB radios will show the multiplex and then the stations. If this is the case you are searching for <SALISBURY> (needs confirming).

Scanning Options

The options to re-scan can sometimes include scan, autoscan, search or autotune.

Select the station you wish to hear from those we broadcast and enjoy!

Potential Interference

If you cannot find the multiplex, try to scan again from a different, higher point, pointing any aerial on your radio upwards. Sometimes, the immediate surroundings and other electronic equipment can interfere with the scanning process.

DAB+ Format

Most of our stations broadcast in a format called DAB+. Most DAB radios are compatible with this format, however some, mostly older sets, are not and in this case you may see the station name appear but with no audio. Unfortunately, in this scenario you will be unable to hear stations on the multiplex on the set you are using.

Reporting Malfunctions

Whilst we welcome reception reports and reports of any malfunctions of our transmitters and stations via social media channels, unfortunately, we are unable to respond to individual support requests from members of the public trying to access the multiplex.

Sometimes things go wrong either with our transmitters or the stations sending their signal to us for transmission. When we are aware of issues we will use social media channels to update this.

Towards the end of the trial period there will also be extensive periods of maintenance as we build and test from our new transmission site.